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Our LAN team will use the best available and cost-effective technology for your company and will be there to implement and administer your Network including help you with any LAN-related problem for a time to come. We can implement the most cost-effective solutions in small or large business.

Network InstallationMicroServer provides technical consulting services that include the implementation of Microsoft's BackOffice Family of products. These products are designed to optimize network resources and make it easy to develop, deploy, and manage powerful intranet and internet applications.

In what ways can your company benefit from networking?

Benefits of NetworkingIn a network, information and resources, can be shared between all or just some users.
In a network all the computers can access the same printer. All your computers on your company can be on the internet 24 hours a day with a single connection.
You can pass data between users without using floppy disks. Transferring files over the network eliminates time wasted copying files onto a floppy disk and then onto another PC. Also, there is less restriction on the size of file that can be transferred over a network.
Employees that work on the same project can share information and ideas faster and more efficiently.
You can share almost any device with all the workstations.
You can centralize key computer programs and information, such as finance and accounting. Often users need to access the same program so they can work on it simultaneously.
You can institute automatic file backup. A computer program can be used to back up key files automatically, saving time and ensuring that all your work is safe.

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