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Keeping your PC up to date
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Teaching online safety to Kids
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MicroServer is a consulting firm in Newark, New Jersey, specializing in Web Page Design, Web Hosting, Internet Consulting, Computer Training, Computer Sales and Repairs, Software Development, Network Consulting, Installations and Administration.

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Founded in 1996, MicroServer has a great deal of experience and expertise in the area of personal computers, and networks. We've been a leader in the Newark area, setting high standards for others to follow.

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Services we provide

MicroServer provides a variety of services to meet your needs - from the design and development of effective web sites and complete e-commerce business solutions, to Network Installations and Administration, Training and Repairs. Here is a list of our most solicited services:

Web Design - Web Hosting
Would you like to present your business on the Internet? Would you like your company to be seen around the world by thousands of people? Do it with us! Spread your company name! Sell your products! Let us introduce you to this magnificent net world!
Training - Classes
Powerful technology is nothing if you don't know how to use it.
Our trainers make the difference to our success, and the success of our students. Learn everything you need to know about getting trained on Microsoft and other products. Discover all the resources you'll need to get started.
Network Installation - Administration
Our LAN/WAN team will design the best available and cost-effective technology for your company and will be there to implement and administer your Network including help you with any LAN-related problem for a time to come. We can implement the most cost-effective solutions in small or large business.
Our Technicians can rapidly and easily solve any problem that your computers may have in the most cost-effective way. We can do this in our store or on site (your own company).

MicroServer   973-465-0909   Newark, NJ
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